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The honor of "Philippine National Artist" is given only to those who made significant contributions to Filipino Art and Culture. But even though their works have become national icons, the artists who made these masterpieces are forgotten by many Filipinos today.

We want to change that.

Today, we’re turning their names into something memorable, a part of the every day life of many Filipinos—typefaces. On paper. On smartphones. Shirts. Hoodies. Glasses. Pots. Fancy dress shoes.
Whatever else your imagination comes up with.

They’re free to use. And you’re free to use them as you wish. So go, get it. Spread it. Spread the word. Spread the name—IMAO.OTF.


Abdulmari Asia Imao, a native of Sulu, is a sculptor, painter, photographer, ceramist, documentary film maker, cultural researcher, writer, and articulator of Philippine Muslim art and culture.

Through his works, the indigenous ukkil, sarimanok and naga motifs have been popularized and instilled in the consciousness of the Filipino nation and other peoples as original Filipino creations.

With his large-scale sculptures and monuments of Muslim and regional heroes and leaders gracing selected sites from Batanes to Tawi-tawi, Imao has helped develop among cultural groups trust and confidence necessary for the building of a more just and humane society.

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If you are writing an article about us online, you are free to use images of our work if you use proper credits. If you would like to feature us, please email us at to request hi-res images from any of the pages on our website.